Each week at our HQ, we have a dress down Friday and make small donations throughout the year.  
We have been fortunate enough to be able to make a donation to local Kettering based - Johnny's Happy Place.  
JHP is a Community Interest Company run by 7 board members. 
They are a not-for-profit, voluntary group. 
Everyone has mental health; some days it might be better or worse than others but like a diet, we all have it and we want to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. JHP is open to everyone: old, young, rich, poor, good mental health, poor mental health. 
Johnny was funny, talented, kind, compassionate and a wonderful human being. He was a very interesting and interesting person but 2014 saw Johnny become more and more troubled. He would often run away from home and had many addictions and undiagnosed mental health problems. None of us could save Johnny and he took his life on October 23rd 2014. The darkest day of his and our lives. 
It is important for us to remember the reasons Johnny died and to acknowledge the dark place he and we went to for the latter half of 2014. We need to be honest with ourselves and others, as that is the only way to truly help people experience what Johnny and we as a family experienced. It is, however, also important for us to remember Johnny as he was for most of his life and it is important to create a place that Johnny would be proud to have his name attached to. 
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