Supporting businesses sustainably 

At Performance Finance, we’re committed to reducing the impact our company has on the environment.  
We care about sustainability and are continually working to improve our environmental performance through the introduction and advancement of policies, procedures,  
and work practices that allow us to deliver a brilliant service with limited environmental impact. 
We’re a fairly small team working on big things in a fairly small office, and as such our environmental footprint isn’t huge.  
Does that mean we’re not going to take responsibility for it? Absolutely not! 
In 2023, we made a commitment and were proud to achieve Carbon Neutral certification for our office space, including our commuting and other business travel, and we’re looking to actively reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible going forward. 
We’re also cracking-down on our already-good habits when it comes to recycling, looking at ways to reduce our resource consumption at every opportunity. 
But that’s really just the beginning, as we’re now looking into ways to deliver lower-carbon, more environmentally-friendly and more ethical finance to our clients as much as possible. 
Read on to learn more about the actions we’re taking to improve our impact on the planet. 

Certifications & Accreditations 

We are carbon neutral certified. 

We’re proud to be certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Net Zero Eyecare, and fully support their mission to make the optical industry more sustainable.  
We’re also working with Practice Building’s Net Zero program to further reduce and offset our impact on the environment. 
Performance Finance achieved Carbon Neutral certification in February 2023, when an independent audit found them to be compliant with the Net Zero Carbon standard set out by Net Zero Eyecare - the standard is available online here. 
The successful audit followed a period of detailed carbon accounting, including all Scope 1, 2 and 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions directly and indirectly within the business’s control.  
Our calculated carbon footprint is then 100% offset through the purchase of carbon credits from the Gold Standard Marketplace, facilitated by the certification body Net Zero Eyecare. 
We’re committed to our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in all possible ways, and are investigating ways in which we can mobilise the financial sector in pursuit of a low carbon future. 

OSA Green Charter 

We're proud to have achieved Level 1 of the new OSA Green Charter accreditation. 
The OSA Sustainability Committee was founded to foster cooperation across the entire optical community, to support learning about sustainable practice and the adoption of rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. 
The Green Charter provides the first framework for sustainable practice tailored to the specific activities of optical suppliers and a universal benchmark to work towards. 
The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment conducted by qualified experts. This ensures that certified businesses are truly making a positive impact.  
Our new sustainability committee will continue to work together to achieve levels  
2, 3 and 4 of the accreditation.  
Find out more about how we're reducing waste and unnecessary emissions  
through our working practices. 
Digital e-sign documentation 
Our documentation is provided to clients safely via email  
using Adobe Echosign.  
Documents are signed electronically with no  
printing requirements.  
Video conferencing 
Our team utilises video conferencing software which reduces  
the amount of travel, resulting in less emissions.  
This also helps our clients, suppliers and funders to  
reduce their own emissions.  
Digital marketing 
Marketing campaigns are shared with our database via email and through social media channels.  
We use QR (quick-response) codes within advertisements to help reduce to number of business cards and printed material at events.  

Where possible, we work in a strict paperless environment.  

Find out more about how we're working towards sustainability through our  
operational practices.  
Efficient devices 
We use computers with low power requirements alongside  
ultra-efficient LED monitors. 
Our offices are also fitted with LED lighting. 
Where we can, we only purchase trusted, eco-friendly brands. 
Wildlife projects 
We recently assisted with installing a minature nature reserve at our head office and have plans to continue to work within the grounds to create additional areas for wildlife and plants. 
We have a strict recycling policy in our workspace and make sure all recyclable materials are recycled appropriately, including office consumables and electronic devices when they reach their end of life. 
Additional information regarding our environmental policies can be found in our Sustainability Policy 

We continue to monitor and review our policies to help contribute to a  more positive change for everyone.  We are working in conjunction with the UK government net zero carbon date of 2050. Last reviewed 26/04/2024. 


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