Frequently asked questions  

Deciding the right path for your business and its financial requirements can be daunting. 
We have constructed this dedicated support page which covers some of the most common questions clients ask when considering a new finance product 

Can I settle early? 

Yes, you can settle any time. 

Are personal guarantees taken? 

If personal guarantees are required then you will be informed at the time of credit approval. 

What happens if I sell a practice? 

You have a couple of options here: 
1. The new owners apply to us to have the agreement transferred to them. 
2. You sell the equipment as part of the sale and settle us in full. Any extra from the sale you keep. 

Does the interest rate change? 

Once you have signed your finance documents the rate is fixed and repayments will not change. 
If rates increase between credit approval and signing our finance documents, then it’s likely your rate will increase also. 

What is the cost of settlement? 

If you settle early you will receive a 25% discount on outstanding interest owed. 

What is a personal guarantee? 

This is a commitment from you personally to make up any payments your business is unable make. 

What happens at the end of the term, do I own the goods? 

In short, yes. 
Hire Purchase - you pay an ‘option to purchase’ fee. 
Lease - you pay a ‘final rental fee’. 
Require assistance?  
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