Performance Finance is passionate about blood donation...  
Operations Director, Stacey Wedge-Pywell has been giving blood for many years...  
Stacey is classed as a First Responder as she has O Negative Neo blood.  
O Negative is the only type that can be given to anybody, and the Neo part means her blood can be used to treat new-born babies as there are no indicators of CMV (cytomegalovirus). 
Stacey said -  
"The ability to help anyone makes me so proud to be a blood donor even more so when I know close family and friends have needed blood, I encourage everyone that can, to donate, it could save up to 3 lives in 1 hour. 
I was made aware that my paternal Nan was a blood donor as she had O negative blood. I went along to a session to donate and after my first donation it was confirmed that I was also O Negative. 
In addition to Stacey's journey, another colleague from our HQ, Isla has also been giving blood for many years.  
Isla is very passionate about blood donation and continues to support the cause by giving blood every 4 months, with a running donation total of 74 which is very impressive!  
Stacey and Isla have inspired additional members of the team to join the cause and give blood fo the first time this year.  
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