Are you an experienced field sales manager, business development manager, account manager in asset and / or business finance?  We have a great opportunity for you...  Performance Finance is a high-quality Lender/Broker and is looking to build an exceptional SME Asset Finance Team. Driven by the highest of standards and a principled approach to business finance. 

We have spent many years developing a bespoke user-friendly "finance" CRM system, built specifically to support all aspects of  
the sales process from the initial quoting stage, right through to post sales client support.  
Unique features include:  
Fast quotation capability  
Instant comparison for all lender rates, including our direct options 
Fast application process 
Accurate and extensive reporting 
Administration reduced to a minimum 
Gives access anywhere in the world and is always live 
Ideal suitors would have a minimum of 10 years asset finance experience with a quality direct lender. 
It goes without saying that they will possess and be able to demonstrate excellent skills in communication and negotiation. 

Benefits of joining the Performance  Asset Finance Network  

Reap greater rewards for your knowledge & achievements. 
Wish to work from abroad (utilising their UK Customers). 
Prefer to work from home or other location. 
Feel a greater sense of self-worth and self-determination. 
Reduce workload, stress and/or days. 
Flexible working hours. 
Those too early to retire and still wish to work. 
Eradicate non-productive corporate activity. 
Be free of the constraints of an overly structured business. 
Compliance - Come under the umbrella of our FCA authorisation and reporting.  

Our systems and processes allow us to offer some unique tools which help  streamline the sales process whilst improving the client journey...  

Gain access to competitive rates - from our wide panel of lenders. 
Direct lending options - We lend our own funds which give enormous flexibility when required, including interest-free & low start packages. 
Fast credit approvals & payments - Getting the all-important funds to the client in no time leading to increased satisfaction. 
E-Sign documentation - Offering a convenient and eco-friendly method for clients to sign their agreements, particularly for those working from home ore remotely. 
Impressive client reviews - 4.9 Trust Pilot scoring which in turn offers great comfort and increases trust levels for new clients. 
Reports and statistics - Unrivalled in-depth reporting available live and 24/7. 

Quality support teams always available, allowing you to focus primarily on increasing your sales...  

State of the art IT support in the form of our bespoke CRM system tailored to support all of the requirements. 
Sales - Dedicated sales & lending support staff are on hand to assist with all administration and application processing.  
Video conferencing - We have a very close nit team here at Performance and hold regular video meetings on zoom and teams to ensure that all remote partners are up to speed with the latest industry developments and system upgrades.  
Marketing - Sales aids, including finance / ROI calculators are available along with website support, dedicated email campaigns & social media coverage - all available to increase levels of promotion on behalf of your business. Whether you choose to work under the Performance Asset Finance brand, or move forward with your own, we can help!  
Customer services - Working closely with leading asset finance funders, we can assist clients with ongoing support throughout the term of the agreement. Within our direct lending service, we provide all support documentation, including periodic statements, VAT schedules and additional summaries that might be requested by the client's accountants. 
Performance Finance is a unique business with an exceptional platform to allow high quality individuals & existing brokers to flourish. 
For those that take genuine pride in their work and understand the difference is in the detail, this is an ideal home for you. 
We are not looking for new starters. We seek only high-quality brokers and individuals that can prove they deliver the highest standards. 
In return we will provide a business platform and support structure that gives you full control, allows you to execute transactions swiftly, easily, and accurately. 
If you would like to express an interest in this opportunity or simply wish to ask a few questions 
please contact:  
Managing Director - Stuart Burn 
Tel: 07747 845 803 
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